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job in care

Wondering what a job working in care is like? If you’re looking for a job in care in Brighton and Hove and think caring might be for you, read on…

1.      You’ll be helping people

Your job is about providing support to people living in their own homes. That could be offering personal care, making a meal, or simply offering a cup of tea and a chat. Your job is to help people in our community live better and that’s a great feeling.

Beverley works for Martlets Care and said “It’s incredibly rewarding to feel appreciated for the work and support I provide. Knowing that I can relieve some of the pressure that those people face during a difficult period in their lives is something I take pride in.”

Find out about the sort of care you might be delivering working for Martlets Care

2.      Learn new skills

A job in care gives you lots of opportunities to learn new skills. It comes with lots of training and guidance – so you don’t need to worry if you’re new to it. You can even gain qualifications too – like an NVQ or a diploma.

Many people who now work in care have worked in other careers before now. Steve used to work in an office job in London, but after looking for something more rewarding he now works for Martlets Care. He’s undertaken a Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care while working for us.

Some carers also use this as a first step to something else – with some going on to train as nurses or healthcare assistants.

Our carers get the opportunity to work alongside the skilled palliative care staff at Martlets Hospice, enabling you to broaden your knowledge and experiences too.

3.      It’s flexible

Working in care is a perfect job alongside other responsibilities. You can choose the hours that work for you. Carers are needed to support people living in their own homes 365 days of the year. So it’s likely you’ll find hours that are suitable.

You may have someone else, like a family member or child, who you are caring for. A job in care can help you make sure you’re around to support them too.

Martlets Care offer flexible hours that work around you. In addition, we offer paid travel time, mileage, paid training and a refer a friend scheme.  Find out how to apply here

4.      Variety every day

With a job in care, no two days are the same. You’ll meet new people, learn more about their lives and undertake lots of different tasks and responsibilities.

Every person you care for will have different needs to be looked for. One visit might entail helping someone get around their home, while another might involve sharing a hobby or pastime.  

5.      There’s something for everyone

There are lots of different roles in care. Whether that is working for a home care agency, like Martlets Care, or even working in a care home – there really is a job in care to suit everyone.

Right now, there is a huge demand for carers, particularly due to the impacts of the pandemic. It’s the perfect time to get started.

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