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Michelle’s story

In 2009 our daughter Michelle aged 29 moved in with us following a diagnosis of MS and MS related dementia.  This is a complex condition that requires care and consideration of her many needs.

We were put in touch with Martlets Care who immediately took action to support her needs and in equal measures gave the family support to care for her at home.

Over the years we have met many professional and caring Carers supplied by Martlets who have  made such a difference to all our lives.  The training they complete has given us much confidence in letting go and giving our daughter the independence she still wants.  

Not only do Martlets support within the family home on a daily basis, they also provide a Carer for respite breaks allowing her dad and I to take our much needed breaks away.   Addionally, quite recently Martlets Care gave support to the family when attending our sons wedding in Devon where a Martlets Carer came as our daughter’s companion for the 5 days while the event took place. This allowed us the freedom to participate more fully with the occasion.

Martlets Care listen to all our needs and recognise the importance of continuity for our daughter. 

In fact, we have two Carers who have been supporting our daughter for 9 and 10 years consecutively.  We want to mention Stephanie and Anne our two principle Carers who bring Michelle joy and such exceptional care.  That is a huge commitment and a testament to their professionalism.

We feel very grateful to Martlets Care and their wonderful Carers.  Without them our lives as a family would not have coped with the changes we’ve had to face and continue to face.

Sharon and Trevor, 2023